Yes Virginia, there is a Hannah Montana Linux

I could not believe what I found on Sourceforge this week, Hannah Montana Linux is a Kubuntu variant rebranded with the Hannah Montana label to appeal to teens.

What the developer of this distribution did was to create new themes for Kubuntu, including the login manager, startup splash screen, and of course the backgrounds.  Since Linux is a freely modifiable and distributable product, the developer simply integrated the themes into the distribution and repackaged the ISO disk image.

To download this, you will need a Bittorrent client.

I tried this distribution in VirtualBox, and it actually worked, even with 384MB of RAM allocated for the virtual machine.  I was able to pull from within VirtualBox, so the network functionality works.  What you get is a customized KDE 4.2 desktop with Konqueror, Amarok (of course there needs to be a media player in order to play Hannah Montana songs), and some basic KDE applications.  On the downside, you will need to install the GIMP and OpenOffice as they are not included with the distribution.

Since this is on, I am worried that this will be a short lived distribution, as the name Hannah Montana is trademarked by Disney.  I just hope that the developers got permission from Disney to use the name.

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2 Responses to “Yes Virginia, there is a Hannah Montana Linux”

  1. LOL i have seen this stuff before and i must say that those guys are very funnnnnnnnnnny!

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